Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m Tyriq Munroe and I’ve been working with the company for around 3 years now.  I enjoy working for the company and with so many other people who I can get on with and make the working environment a more friendly and enjoyable journey.

What is your role within Proceed?

My role within the company is Team Leader on night shift.

Tell me about a average day in your working life with Proceed

The average day at work is good on nights which is unusual since most people don’t like to get up to go to work a night shift.  But this site makes it more than a pleasure to work with this company, with the friendly staff and amazing people in charge. whom you can also have a laugh with but are always more than helpful with their staff and leading us all in the right direction. With a friendly attitude and letting us know if something is not up to standard so we may do a better job next time.

How has your position changed since joining Proceed?

As my first proper job, after a while since first joining the team I had a lot to improve on as a standard cleaner, but over time being with the company I have improved in a few areas and built a connection with other staff members.  As I have worked up to the position I’m in now, I admittedly feel that there is still room for improvement that I can and must work on.

Tell me what you enjoy most about working for Proceed?

What I enjoy the most about working for Proceed is the great managers and how we all also work well as a team.

What would you tell others about working for Proceed?

I would tell others that Proceed is a friendly and enjoyable company to work for.