Proceed’s primary focus is Protecting People and Enhancing Lives which aligns closely with our commitment to take action on climate change and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We are committed to delivering net zero carbon emissions by the end of 2032 and we believe this goal coupled with our ambition for environmental leadership is not only the right thing to do to protect the future of the planet, but it is also the right thing for our business as it creates a higher quality, and more efficient business.


We have implemented a business-wide operational approach to environmental sustainability.

We are driving the execution of our net zero plan through our leadership team and are committed to establishing key performance indicators. We will continuously assess, monitor, and report on our performance as we work towards the deadline.

All business unit Directors will communicate to colleagues their own environment policy statement reflecting this group policy, which is reviewed annually. These should describe the arrangements that the business has in place to ensure compliance with local environmental legislation and deliver on our environmental commitments. We will ensure our colleagues are involved, informed and given the opportunity to put forward their own suggestions on how to improve our environmental performance so that we can benefit from the ideas and innovation of all our people.

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Sustainable Solutions

Reduce the environmental impact of our products and services through innovation and continuous improvement.

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Sustainable Operations

Reduce the carbon emissions from our vehicles.

Reduce waste sent to landfill and for incineration.

Work with our suppliers to minimise their own environmental impacts and those of our products.

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Sustainable Workplace

Purchase our property energy from renewable sources, where markets allow, and improve our energy efficiency.

Ensure that our colleagues have the training and tools to deliver day-to-day behaviour change to help us achieve our environmental goals.