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Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

Proceed Solutions are a proud and renowned member of BESA, aligning with the highest industry standards. As participants in the Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme, we bring you TR19 compliant ventilation cleaning services tailored for your commercial kitchen. Our meticulous kitchen extract cleaning service expertly eliminates grease and carbon deposits from your extractor fan, kitchen canopy, and ducting, adhering to BESA’s TR19 guidelines.

In our commitment to transparency and accountability, we provide you with a comprehensive post-clean TR19 compliant report. This document serves as tangible evidence of your loyalty to regulations and includes detailed photographs, our recommendations, and a precise cleaning frequency calculation derived from BESA’s predictive accumulation assessment table.

For those seeking assurance about the necessity of deep cleaning or wishing to showcase their current compliance status, our specialised kitchen ventilation system monitoring service is available. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections, capturing photographic evidence and measuring grease levels in your canopy, ductwork, ventilation, and extraction system. The resulting report is evidence to your compliance, complete with recommendations and observations.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our skilled technicians perform a comprehensive deep cleaning of both easily accessible and less exposed areas within your commercial kitchen. This includes a thorough treatment of the floor, walls, and crucial equipment, including cookers, ovens, and fryers.

Consistent deep cleaning not only ensures a pristine and hygienic kitchen environment but also aids in regulatory compliance, safeguarding your business and minimising the risk of fire hazards.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps stand as indispensable components in any commercial kitchen or food processing plant, playing a pivotal role in effective grease management. These traps function by capturing harmful fats, oils, and greases (FOG), preventing their infiltration into the sewer system where they could otherwise cause damage or blockages.

In the absence of diligent grease trap maintenance and cleaning, these vital systems can rapidly lose their efficacy. The swift buildup of grease deposits inside the traps severely compromises their functionality. Our specialised grease trap cleaning service is the definitive solution to prevent drain blockages, as we clean and safely dispose of accumulated waste.​

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