Subsea 7 Sutton


Following a competitive tender and presentation period, Proceed Solutions was awarded the Cleaning / Waste & Window Cleaning contract from June 1st 2019.


Transferring inherited staff from outgoing contractors always has its challenges whether its working hours or the communication with the new employees. On this basis, Proceed Solutions look to tackle the problems head on. After careful consultation with the transferring employees it was clear we would need to recruit a few new team members before the start date of June 1st.


Proceed Solutions immediately started a recruitment drive employing a new supervisor and two new cleaning team members. New equipment was ordered from our suppliers brand new off the shelf. The mobilisation team built the electronic reporting tools allowing us the benefit of real time reporting to the Proceed Solutions’ website.

From day one we introduced the flow cleaning method on site. With the clear benefits that this system brings, we were able to spend more time on the attention to detail that we are known for. With all 17 staff working on the same floor at the same time in smart new uniform there is no better sight.


Continuous improvement to the standards on sites have been noted with the first monthly review being passed with flying colours. In addition new general waste & recycling waste bins have been installed throughout the building helping the company meet its recycling targets.

With a fully trained team now in place, we continue to move from strength to strength on this site, with a happy workforce super pleased with their new equipment and representing Proceed Solutions, this is the best advert we could have.