DHL midpoint

DHL Midpoint – Birmingham


Following our comprehensive start at DHL Tyrefort, we were then asked to tender for the cleaning services at DHL Midpoint in Erdington, Birmingham. Proceed Solutions are proud to be awarded this contract to cover the general cleaning service elements and assist the DHL Management team with their logistics warehouse operation, including specialist cleaning services.


Inheriting transferred staff from the outgoing contractor will always present challenges in mindset, work scheduling, communication, reporting and changes. We believe we have met these head on with regular management visits and ideas to bring about a change in working practices and ethos.


Designated Site Management and Team Leader for each 8-hour shift in overseeing frontline operatives has resulted in improved management, fast and effective bespoke IT solutions that can be tracked in real-time, and flexibility to deal with emergencies and increased workloads.


Continual improvements to cleaning standards, better communications with client, innovative audit trail for KPIs, and staff that are motivated in their daily duties.