DHL Tyrefort Birmingham

DHL Tyrefort – Birmingham


Following an extensive review of the cleaning services at DHL Tyrefort in Erdington, Birmingham, Proceed Solutions were invited to tender for part of the improvements identified. We are proud to have been awarded the contract to cover the Stillage and Waste Management elements to assist the DHL Management team with their logistics warehouse operation, 24/7, including specialist cleaning services.


Taking over from an incumbent cleaning contractor brings additional issues primarily relating to the assimilation of existing staff. Differences in areas such as approach, standards, mindset and reporting need to be handled in a professional manner that minimises any short-term negative impact while bringing long-term benefits. We were confident that our experience with other clients would allow us to meet with and resolve these challenges quickly and efficiently..


Through regular management visits, we were able to swiftly identify and implement various changes in working practices and ethos, necessary to deliver the results expected by the DHL Management team.  Our improvements included assigning appropriate supervision for each 8-hour shift and the implementation of effective bespoke IT solutions that allow real-time tracking and aided performance management.


The changes made have provided the flexibility needed to handle a significant increase in workload without reducing the team’s ability to tackle emergencies.  A recent testimonial from the Client regarding our services has said: Your management of this contract thus far has been exemplary and the investment made in equipment, clothing and supporting technology, at no cost to DHL, shows your intent and commitment   DHL subsequently awarded Proceed Solutions the cleaning services contract at their nearby Midpoint facility following a further invitation to tender.