The Avenue Shopping Centre

The Avenue Shopping Centre Bournemouth


Situated in the heart of the busy seaside town of Bournemouth, the Avenue Shopping Centre procured tenders for cleaning and various specialist services associated with this Centre. This included window cleaning, pest control, internal landscaping and feminine hygiene supplies and Proceed Solutions are proud to be associated with the award of this contract for the next two years.


The established team of cleaning operatives were transferred successfully, providing them with bespoke uniforms and equipment to carry out their daily duties.

Reporting systems for quality auditing required real-time information, to log performance, accidents with photographic evidence and time attendance


Tailored IT solutions have now been incorporated into the daily scheduling of work programmes, combined with regular weekly management visits to oversee the operation, and co-ordinating sub-contractors with specialist works.


With our systems and due diligence for this contract, the workforce are now motivated and continue to show their loyalty and best practices.