Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Luke Jeans and I joined Proceed Solutions in August 2022 where I was employed as an account manager.

My whole career thus far has been within the cleaning industry where I started as a part time cleaner within a secondary school when I was aged 16. Since then, I have progressed up the ladder working also as a supervisor, mobile cleaner, area supervisor and area manager.

Over the years I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to help my progress in the industry and further myself in my roles.

What is your role within Proceed?

My current role is an account manager where I currently manage approx. 120 sites across the Southwest.

Within my role some of my duties include the day-to-day management of cleaners within my area, auditing sites, one to one meeting with respective clients, recruitment and many more.

One of the key requirements of my role is maintaining a high level of communication with the cleaning team, clients, operations, and head office to ensure our contracts run as smooth as possible.

Tell me about an average day in your working life with Proceed?

Fortunately, no day is the same for Proceed which I enjoy as it will always keep you on your toes and prevent you from slipping into any bad habits while also helping explore new ideas and ways to improve. Some factors that won’t change is keeping in contact with clients updating them on any previous issues raised. Arranging last minute cover should a cleaner be unable to attend a shift for any given reason. Keeping on top of stock orders when requested by cleaners and liaising these with our admin department and/or site directly. Finally keeping up the communication with all departments of the Proceed team to ensure nothing is being missed.

How has your position changed since joining Proceed?

On paper my job hasn’t officially changed at present however I feel I have changed since joining Proceed. I’ve managed to settle quickly while only getting more confident with every day that passes and tackling any challenge head on. A key part of this has been down to the staff being very welcoming and helpful at any time, no matter what position we work in we all work together to achieve the same goals as a company which leaves my views of Proceed as only positive.

Tell me what you enjoy most about working for Proceed?

A particular area I enjoy for working for Proceed is that no matter how good or bad a day you’re having everyone is there for each other to help. Whether it’s a good day and you’re receiving compliments or a bad day where you’re struggling to complete tasks etc, everyone is always on hand to help.

What would you tell others about working for Proceed?

Proceed provide a very welcoming and relaxing environment to work in, no matter how stressful days may be as this can happen, you’re never alone. Plus, for a very rapidly growing company it’s good to be part of a team heading towards the same goal where everyone is so passionate and make us stand out as a company to everyone.​