End of year update
End of year update

End of Year Update!

By Tom Richards - November 22nd, 2021 | Posted in News

As our financial year comes to a close we wanted to say a massive thank you to our colleagues, supply partners and clients for their efforts and support over the last 12 months. The Proceed Solutions business has developed significantly during this period and we look forward to sharing further exciting updates in due course.

Sometimes you need a break or an end of a working period in order to look back and realise what you’ve achieved, and during a recent management meeting we had that opportunity.

“I joined Proceed Solutions in September 2020, following 7 years with the UKs leading cleaning equipment and service provider. The business had enjoyed a successful period of growth since forming in 2018 and my role as Commercial Director is to scale the business and support the operations team with retention and customer management. During my induction, and after meeting with our clients I was amazed at the consistent positive feedback we were receiving, especially considering we were right in the middle of pandemic! Fast forward 12 months and the feedback from our clients is the same, however we’re operating on march larger scale and with some brand new customers. Proceed continue to put its people, its clients and service delivery and the top of agenda and this approach clearly has traction. We’ve implemented new processes, new technologies, recruited some incredible staff and continue to push our supply chain for “What’s next”. We’re determined not to sit still and rest on our laurels but instead push forward and continue to challenge everything – I’m personally extremely excited about the next 12 months, and where the business is going.”

Tom Richards – Commercial Director