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By Tom Richards - November 6th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Celebrating Success: Proceeds Inaugural Company Conference Marks a Record-Breaking Year

For the first time since Proceeds inception, we gathered in September for a two-day business-wide conference to mark the end of our financial year. This event was designed to achieve several distinct objectives:

  1. Preserving Purpose: As our business continues to expand, it’s essential that we remain focussed in our mission and ensure alignment across all departments as we enter a new financial year.
  2. Strategic Enlightenment: We aimed to provide comprehensive insight into the company’s strategy, covering new systems, software, innovative products, and in-depth training, empowering our entire team with the knowledge to drive our vision forward.
  3. Relationships: Despite our cutting-edge products and technological solutions for clients, our people remain the heart of our business. The conference served as an excellent platform for colleagues to forge connections, share stories, and strengthen the bonds that make us a dynamic team.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The conference offered a unique opportunity to candidly address our challenges, nurturing collaborative efforts as we openly to seek solutions.

Here’s a glimpse of what our Managing Director, Mark Day, had to say about this significant event:”

What a remarkable week it has been for Proceed as we hosted our inaugural operations conference spanning two days. After months of careful planning, the eagerly awaited first day arrived, with our dedicated colleagues descending on Southampton from every corner of the country. Our objective was clear: to keep the atmosphere light, infused with fun, and ensure everyone’s active involvement. The response and feedback we’ve received have been nothing short of overwhelming.

In my role as Managing Director, I’m privy to the inner workings of our organisation, but what we sometimes overlook is the sheer excellence of our team. Much like Proceed itself, our team is still in its relative infancy, with the longest-serving member joining us when the company took its initial steps back in 2018.

What they’ve accomplished over the past five years is nothing short of staggering. We’ve witnessed impressive year on year growth in both turnover and profit, securing contracts not only against national rivals, but global giants as well.

Listening to our team members share their insights and experiences during these two action packed days fills me with an immense sense of pride. Being at the helm of such an exceptional team is an honour.

Congratulations, Team Proceed, for your remarkable accomplishments and dedicated support.

Warm regards, Mark