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April 1st sees Proceed mobilise 3 new contracts

By Tom Richards - April 4th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Its been a busy start to the month at Proceed, with 3 new contracts mobilising on the same day. Our mobilisation and operations teams have successfully executed the seamless transition between outgoing contractor and new. We are delighted to welcome 30 new colleagues to the business, all of which are earning a minimum of the RLW.

Here’s what our Commercial Director Tom Richards had to say;

“Being awarded new business is always a privilege, however what’s most pleasing about these recent awards is that the clients objectives perfectly mirror those of Proceed. We are determined to stay true to our values and ensure we pay people correctly, operate within the correct margins and deliver the best possible service. The geographical spread of the contracts (Portsmouth, London and Manchester) further demonstrates our ever growing national infrastructure.

The operations and back of house team have done an exceptional job, from the point of award, our communication with the client and our new colleagues has been second to none.

Thank you to our new clients for placing their business and trust with us, we won’t let you down”

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