In these cold days warmth and compassion is never far away.

By Tom Richards - April 21st, 2020 | Posted in News

We are sure you would have seen this story today, we certainly did and to say it touched our hearts would be a massive understatement. The commitment of these hard working professionals in these very difficult times is hard to believe and their dedication and passion should be recognised and rewarded.

The care team at Thistleton Lodge have all moved into the care home to protect the residents and their own families, what an unbelievable sacrifice.

Proceed Solutions has sent a large hamper to the home for all the amazing team to enjoy during their self-imposed lock down.

Thank you Kia and the whole Team at Thistleton Lodge.

A World War Two veteran was filmed bursting into tears after being presented with a cushion with his late wife’s face on it. Ken Benbow, 94, was married to Ada Benbow for 75 years before she died in 2019. He then used to sleep with a photo of his wife in a frame every night, until carer Kia Mariah Tobin, 17, warned that he could cut himself on the glass. She then presented him with a cushion featuring Ada’s photograph on the front as a gift from staff at Thistleton Lodge, in Preston, where he lives. A video of Ken receiving the cushion has since gone viral online after it was shared on social media. Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Ken became emotional as he described receiving the present, calling it ‘the most precious thing anyone could ever wish for’.

Ken was just 17 when he joined the Navy, with his career taking him on North Atlantic convoys, through the invasion of Italy and onto patrols of the English Channel. He then became an electrician after the war ended. Sat next to him during the interview, Kia told how she had now moved into the care home to help look after Ken and other residents. She has now lived there for two weeks. She said: ‘I live with my Nan and Grandpa at home so it was a bit hard to imagine leaving them. But I’ve sorted things out for them to get food and supplies.’ The teenager added that by moving into the care home full-time she was helping to keep her grandparents ‘safe’ during the coronavirus pandemic.