Tell me a little about yourself ?

I’m single, 3 kids but unfortunately 2 have now passed away. I’m a hard working person, I don’t drink, smoke or socialise. Church is everything to me and is my whole life. I work, go to church and go home.

What is your role within Proceed ?

I’m the day janitor and supervisor at Mills and Reeve Birmingham. I’m responsible for the cleanliness of the building – in particular the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m there to ensure the building is always immaculate for the partners and clients.

Tell me about a average day in your working life with Proceed ?

I get in around 8am and check the building from the night before and concentrate immediately on the kitchen. I then replenish all the toilets and then spend time in reception and the meeting rooms. First impressions are everything where I work so I must make sure everything looks perfect.

How has your position changed since joining Proceed ?

It’s not changed but I do like working for Proceed.

Tell me what you enjoy most about working for Proceed ?

I really like the friendly people. They are available whenever I needed them to talk to and they always help me.

What would you tell others about working for Proceed ?

It’s a good honest company, always there for you and you can completely trust them.