Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m in my 40’s, married and together for over 20 years and have 2 beautiful children. A boy and girl who are my world! I’ve been in facilities management since 2004.

What is your role within Proceed?

I am the Northern and Midlands Operations Director. I oversee the operations of all the contracts within that region, ensure the colleagues are all looked after, service delivery is as per Proceeds expectations.

Tell me about a average day in your working life with Proceed?

My days are very unique which is why I love my job. The region and business have grown so much in the last 12 months so most days relate to growth. I might be meeting new clients or colleagues or planning for new business. My role is very hands on and most days I will be attending different locations ‘checking in’ on our colleagues and clients and making sure everyone is happy. Our team in the North and Midlands is growing all the time so I set time aside each day to check in on all the team. If I’m not on the road which is 80% of the time I’ll be reviewing or planning. As the region grows I like to ensure that we continue to deliver the same level of service to all our customers and our colleagues continue to receive the same levels of support across the region.

How has your position changed since joining Proceed?

It’s changed dramatically since joining. In less than a year my position has gone from me being in the North and Midlands on my own to having a team around me. The team are a blend of experienced managers who I have known for a long time to colleagues coming through and starting their management journey. Although I’ve only been with the business 12 months, the company itself is still very new so there’s a freshness about everything which is great.

Tell me what you enjoy most about working for Proceed?

I’m a people person and love engaging with our colleagues and clients. My role gives me the freedom to visit colleagues throughout the region and build a relationship with them. I also champion our ‘#BreatheOut’ initiative which helps normalise the conversation around mental health. I get to meet with friends of the business and industry, outdoors for some fresh air and activity. To discuss the challenges relating to maintaining good mental well-being. I feel this makes a difference and to be given the reins of such an important project is what I enjoy most.

What would you tell others about working for Proceed?

It’s a great company to work for, the best thing for me is the support you receive. I’ve been in the industry now for almost 20 years and haven’t experienced anything like it. There’s a genuine passion and drive from the top for people to do well and be looked after. The business is run with its colleagues at heart and I’ve never seen that before.