Praise indeed.

By Tom Richards - November 29th, 2019 | Posted in News

What a way to start your Friday, lovely email from a major client.

Our team at Proceed always try to deliver a service that not only meets our contractual obligations but exceeds them wherever and whenever possible.  Our people understand that, as do our clients.  It’s so rewarding when an impromptu visit takes place by the owners and they see and remark on our service
levels and take the time to recognise it.

Great team effort.

Subject: Cleanliness of the site: Well done

Please pass on my thanks to the team who clean the site. We had a short notice, surprise visit from #### yesterday afternoon, to look at 5’s standards and available space etc.

Whilst there are areas for improvements, in terms of some areas that have become ad-hoc storage areas for bits and bobs, in total it was a positive event.

The #### seniors made special mention of the canteen, toilet and locker room areas that they visited and remarked that these were the cleanest that they had visited on any #### site and that the standards where what the other sites should attempt to attain.

Please pass on my thanks to the team for this, they do a really good job and it is right that it has been recognised by the customer.
Thanks, Paul.