hedge end park



Located just off Junction 7 on the M27, this busy retail destination that are home to Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys attract many shoppers who use their extensive car parking facilities and Proceed Solutions have been awarded this cleaning contract to maintain these facilities and pedestrian concourses.


With our changeable weather, we have equipped our staff with the right uniforms to create a professional image for the Retail Park and to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When transferring staff there are always mindsets about their previous ways of working, and our challenge was to look at smarter practices and ways in which quality could be uplifted.

Existing diesel vehicle required radical changes to promote environmental benefits and have exchanged this for an all-electric van that can carry out the same functions without any carbon emissions.


New technology was introduced for this contract to monitor KPIs, bespoke to the Client’s cleaning specification, including QR Reader codes that have enabled staff to carry out self-auditing daily.

Using smart phones and electronic tablets, this information is captured directly to a host computer or Cloud function to provide “real-time” analysis of data, photographic evidence and trend analysis for improvements..


Since starting this contract, not only has the image of the Park been improved with smarter practices and vehicle changes, but also that staff are motivated in their work, and are regularly supported by management always of the day during the week. the cleaning services contract at their nearby Midpoint facility following a further invitation to tender.