National FM provider demonstrates their praise of Proceed

By Tom Richards - July 27th, 2019 | Posted in News

Hi Simon,

I would like to thank you and the team on their outstanding work carried out this weekend at one of our most prestigious sites.

Your team completed the deep clean of the site to the high standards that our client #### demands and at very short notice.

It was well organised and executed without any hassle to me or the client, our client inspected the building at 06.30am Monday morning and was very pleased with the result when I met with him on site yesterday.

During our business relationship with Proceed Solutions, Mark, yourself and your team have met our expectations, not in just the standard of the work, but the professionalism in which they conduct themselves.

Your team in the office have been very prompt and well organised in sending information when requested and at short notice especially for the work carried out this weekend in regard to RAM’s and Training Competencies.

Whenever we have asked for your support, even in the shortest of timescales, Proceed Solutions have delivered.

We would not have any qualms in recommending your company for any of the services that you provide.

Over all we have received an excellent service and we look forward to developing our relationship with Proceed Solutions.

Kindest regards,


 S##### C########
Regional Manager South