High praise indeed

By Tom Richards - March 26th, 2020 | Posted in News

‘Extraordinary’ role of cleaners praised in Parliament
Comments reinforce campaign for key worker status during the Coronavirus crisis
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have paid tribute in Parliament today to the ‘extraordinary’ role of cleaners during the Coronavirus crisis.
The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Labour Party were taking part in Prime Minister’s Questions when Mr Corbyn praised the ‘unsung heroes’ of the public sector who ‘keep us safe’ during the outbreak.
He went on to add: “I’d like to pay special mention to one group that are hugely ignored, forgotten and decried as unskilled workers – cleaners. All around the country and in this building, (they) are doing their best to keep our places hygienic and safe. “
This was also echoed by one of proceed Solutions key clients in the message they sent us yesterday.
“Five cleaners almost shut down one of the biggest manufactures of plaster board in the world… People are starting to realise the importance of the humble cleaner…”