kitchen clea
kitchen clea

High Praise for Proceeds Hospitality Sector

By Tom Richards - March 26th, 2024 | Posted in News

We were recently called out by a client to support with an urgent clean of their kitchen extract system, the site had previously been serviced by a competitor who had been cutting corners and allowing the grease to build up. We moved quickly to prioritise the visit and eliminated the fire risk. Our fully trained kitchen technicians tackled the challenge and delivered exceptional results. Ryan Merrett and his team received this glowing reference from a very satisfied client.

I just wanted to drop a note to say a massive thank you for the job your technicians completed this week.
After several previous duct cleans from another contractor that did not effectively clean our ducting or remove the grease deposits, it was a huge relief to have Proceed attend and remove the imminent fire risk that we faced. A special thank you to the engineers who completed the clean, as I know that they had to remove over a years’ worth of grease build up in some areas, Their commitment to ensuring the clean was done thoroughly before they left was very reassuring and the communication from them was excellent. My team can now work without having grease dripping through the ducting onto them. The level of grease shown in your pictures was deeply disturbing, but it was great to hear that your engineers could indeed access the areas that I had previously been informed there was no access to.
I hope that we are able to continue to have our ducts cleaned by you, as from a safety perspective this is one job that must be done right. Proceed certainly did that for us.