Proceed Solutions Take Health and Safety Very Seriously

We fully accept our responsibilities for ensuring a safe working environment for all our employees, our clients and the public. Everybody who works for Proceed Solutions is fully committed to making sure that our actions do not harm or cause ill-health to anyone.

We have a comprehensive health and safety policy which outlines all relevant actions required to meet our obligations and responsibilities. Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee, regardless of status, who wilfully or deliberately disregards or is consistently negligent in conforming to our Health and Safety Policy.

health and safety high level lift

Training and Supervision

All our staff undergo general and specific Health and Safety Training. They are also correctly supervised to ensure that they follow our H&S procedures including the appropriate use of the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We also regularly remind our staff of their legal obligations and their duty of care towards their personal safety, the safety of the colleagues and the safety of others affected by their activities.

Health and safety
health and safety


Our Statement of Intent stipulates that a member of the senior management team take direct responsibility for ensuring that Health & safety is continuously monitored and that reduction in the Accident Frequency Rate is part of our internal targets. Directors are responsible for investigating any RIDDOR accidents in their team, and all actions are subsequently closed off by the Managing Director.

We have a robust safety management system which provides a solid framework within which we operate. The measurement of our safety performance is backed up by the thorough analysis of any incidents or accidents which occur. Strong leadership and proactive managerial control ensure all is done to secure all our working environments.


A copy of our full Health & Safety Policy Statement is available on request.