Proceed Solutions started working with FisCo 18 months ago. The relationship started from a good old fashioned cold call at their Head office in Winnersh, this was then followed up with a formal appointment to introduce Proceed to the Account Director John Edmonds.

The introduction was made by our Account Director Simon Hobbs who refers to the initial meeting as a “Grilling”, fortunately for us Simon’s experience and industry knowledge stood up to the test and we were given our first opportunity shortly after. As with many new clients the first chance we had was at a problematic site, the existing service provider was failing and the client was unhappy. We embraced the opportunity with our usual enthusiasm and within a week had managed to change the clients perception and dramatically improve standards. From there we have developed the relationship and picked up additional work along the way.

The rest as they say is history with FisCo now being one of Proceeds biggest clients!


The main challenge is growth and making sure we deliver the high level of service that got us the opportunity consistently across the estate. Its easy to have one site running smoothly, the challenge comes when you have to scale the business. We have invested significantly in a robust management structure to support the volume of work and projected growth. We have introduced a FisCo Account Director who oversees the entire contract with regular face to face meetings with the key stakeholders.


Proceed Solutions are renowned for their organisational skills and communication with their clients, along with the best-in-class innovations being delivered to clients from day one, now such is the relationship with FisCo we can not only deliver innovation from the start of any contract, but we can also deliver savings to the client as a result.


“Proceed Solutions have been working in partnership with Fisco UK Ltd delivering excellent cleaning standards for our white-collar professional sector clients which include top 20 law, account, insurance and FTSE 100 companies. The partnership has flourished with Proceed becoming one of Fisco’s main cleaning providers nationally. Proceed have achieved this by demonstrating high levels of management, communication, innovation, and professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work alongside them and future between the two companies is look bright, from everyone at FisCo, thanks guys keep up the good work”

Ben Taylor – COO​