Proceed Solutions busiest ever week .

By Tom Richards - July 24th, 2019 | Posted in News

A Busy Week spent for The Specialist Division here at Proceed Solutions,

The week commenced finishing the student accommodation clean at Southampton University where a team of twenty operatives cleaned 500 rooms and 40 kitchens! Immense satisfaction was felt by everyone when everything was signed off by the Client, their parting words “see you all in September….. although you will only have four and a half days completion deadline!!!!!!”

The Carpet Cleaning Team were in the process of cleaning one of the world’s most prestigious department store, with deadlines that each and every carpet and rug within the store were to be cleaned within 3 days….. We are happy to report this was completed as always to the highest standards “the client stating that the clean is the best they have ever had and well within the time frames, excellent work Proceed Solutions”.

Our week progressed with an emergency!!!

“Can you supply 10 operatives to clean carpets and sparkle clean a brand new building before an influx of 450 staff members starting on Monday 22nd July”.
The Proceed Team quickly mobilised Friday afternoon. Vans were loaded and a few calls were made to the Specialist team. Everyone was on site Sunday morning at 06:00 for the site inductions. Suffice to say the team performed absolute miracles!!
Working alongside other trades, who were also trying to complete their tasks before the Monday deadline, we were often having to go over areas that had already been cleaned, but no one complained, just got their heads down and completed the work…..
Managing Director, Mark Day, commented that this was a hectic week by cleaning industry standards but everyone stuck to the task and performed miracles as they always do!!

Great effort all