Proceed Solution Employee wins DHL Inspire Award
Proceed Solution Employee wins DHL Inspire Award

18 July 2018

By Tom Richards - July 18th, 2018 | Posted in News

Proceed Solution Employee wins DHL Inspire Award – First Ever time a Contractor has won it!

Joanne Russell, our Site Manager at DHL Tyrefort, has won a DHL Inspire Award.  These awards are part of DHL’s in-house employee rewards scheme and Joanne is the first ever Contractor’s employee to win an award.

Jo was nominated by DHL Supply Chain Facilities Manager, Matthew West, who informed of us of the award saying:

Please be aware that Jo received the first DHL Inspire award for a contractor this morning, this is unheard of for a contractor, never happened before. I nominated her and I am extremely proud of this recognition by DHL for your employee.

Proceed’s Managing Director, Mark Day, says

Obviously we have been aware of Jo’s hard work and dedication since she started employment with us, she is a valued employee.  However it is great to hear that her efforts are not just recognised by us but also by our Client.  We are extremely proud of Jo.

Jo’s Award write up is below:

Proceed Solutions Site Manager – Miss Joanne Russell

Good contractors are hard to come by and to find ones that genuinely cares, is fully supported by their higher echelons and works tirelessly to ensure our operations run smoothly is extremely rare!

Proceed Solutions provide Stillage Cleaning and Waste preparation for disposal, tasks that are tedious, hard work and challenging for any leader, staff must be motivated, managed and led to achieve the standards at the speed we expect and Proceed Solutions deliver.

The manager on site, handpicked by the Facilities Manager, from the operational staff is Joanne Russell. Joanne has been with DHL from May 2016, showing early potential she took some time to convince she could handle the scale of the task, she delivers in spades time after time.

Using her own initiative she has developed a winning formula of leadership and management, always approachable and never too busy, spending many hours in her own time directly supporting her staff and team leaders alike. She has formulated a robust working strategy taking into consideration individual strengths and weakness, time allocated and the need to support different aspects of the operation at different times within the working shift to deliver a quality service.

She single handily developed a waste delivery system to support staff in the waste area, formulated a professional coherent plan, communicated and delivered on time and on budget. The waste machinery operates supported by a logical efficient system of movement, delivery, return of bins and changes of waste cages. Weekly detailed reports are produced and communicated to the Facilities Manager to ensure contract validity ergo proving value for money.

Every shift is diligently managed and reports completed to support the staff’s needs, she chases every welfare need to completion, managing time and holidays to ensure service delivery without issue. Her robust management of personnel who report as sick is commendable taking every opportunity to support or remove when required reducing the burden on the Facilities Manager and the operation. She naturally embodies DHL’s mantra of Passion, Right First Time and Can Do.

Some people just turn up for work, some make a real difference whilst they are in work, Joanne is the latter; she is an excellent example of a developing manager who clearly enjoys the challenges of the operation and the leadership challenges that are inherent. Fully committed to DHL and our operation, a star of the future Joanne fully deserves recognition.